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Trail of the Treasure Snatcher

On your way back from your recent treasure hunting exploits, a mischievous shark has snatched your treasure and is on the run!

But all is not yet lost, for the treasure chest is leaving a trail of bubbles leading right back to the thief.

So it's back to the ocean depths in hot pursuit, right on the Trail of the Treasure Snatcher!

  • Tilt your device to stay on the bubble path or your air supply will run out!
  • Maintain a good supply of air to score more points.
  • Collect coins to equip powerups and devices from the dock. Careful need to steer off the bubble path to collect coins, so keep an eye on your air supply!
  • Avoid obstacles along the way. These reduce your air supply and may even throw you off the path.
  • Discover hidden achievements which you can target in every dive to gain more experience and level up, unlocking more challenging gameplay as you progress.
  • Reach milestones to unlock larger experience multipliers.

This is our first game. We hope you'll enjoy it!


Teaser trailer



Available on:

iPad & iPhone


Coming soon to:

PC & Mac

Plans to redesign and release as a free game in future.

Give us your feedback

We've just released our first update for Trail of the Treasure Snatcher on the AppStore which, amongst other things, included improvements to the experience and levelling system as well the addition of new devices to the dock for you to equip.

We are currently making further improvements to the game but in the meantime, we would appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions.

This is our first official game as Pixie Software, and we still have a lot to learn. So please send us an e-mail and let us know how we're doing.

We look forward to receiving your input!