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December 2014

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[Note: Toon Merge has been superseded by Faction Overlord] Toon Merge is an evolutionary match-3 puzzle game where matched toons evolve into higher and higher levels which are tougher to match. Your objective is to drop toons into the right place so as to evolve as many as you can without filling up the available space. This game was developed with the support of the Malta Digital Games Fund.


Initial concepts and design for Toon Merge began in late 2012. At around that time, the first call for the Malta Digital Games Fund (MDGF) was issued so we submitted Toon Merge for consideration and it was chosen as one of the games to receive funding. Toon Merge was proposed as a 10 month project and was completed within the fund's 1-year timeframe. However due to a number of administrative and logistical complications (both from the MDGF administrators' side and from ours), the project was not officially finalised until early 2015. Unfortunately we could not take advantage of this delay to improve and polish the game since we were contractually limited from making any changes to the original project proposal. So at some point during this period it was decided to reimagine Toon Merge into a completely new, separate game (Faction Overlord) which would reflect better the creative and technical skills of the Pixie Software team.


  • Toon Merge has been reimagined into Faction Overlord


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Malta Digital Games Fund" March, 2013

About Pixie Software

Pixie Software is an independent digital game development studio based in Malta

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Toon Merge Credits

Stephen Caruana
Design & programming, Pixie Software

Mark Julian Borg
Artist, Freelancer

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