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On your way back from your recent treasure hunting exploits, a mischievous shark has snatched your treasure and is on the run! But all is not yet lost, for the treasure chest is leaving a trail of bubbles leading right back to the thief. So it's back to the ocean depths in hot pursuit, right on the Trail of the Treasure Snatcher!


Development on Trail of the Treasure Snatcher began in the first few months of 2013. Starting from a very basic prototype of a game-mechanic concept, we experimented and explored a number of different options during the first few weeks. In fact the game went through significant design changes until we settled on a prototype that we liked, which eventually was developed into the playable version available today. Besides being our first game as Pixie Software, it was being developed during a particularly tough period for the studio as we were still setting up at the time and trying to put our team together. However we partnered with a team of freelance artists who created most of the artwork and audio. This was our first attempt at developing a game as Pixie Software and admittedly we came across quite a few stumbling blocks. However we are confident that we have created a decent, entertaining game and look forward to improving it even further.


  • Control movement in 3D by tilting the device, allowing for a particularly tactile feel
  • Push your hand-eye coordination skills to the limit as the game becomes increasingly more challenging the better you get at playing it


Teaser trailer YouTube


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Official game announcement
The game was announced during PixieCon 13 - www.pixiecon.com.

About Pixie Software

Pixie Software is an independent digital game development studio based in Malta

More information
More information on Pixie Software, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Trail of the Treasure Snatcher Credits

Stephen Caruana
Design & programming, Pixie Software

Stelios Avramidis, Michael Camilleri
Contributing programmers, Freelancers

Nathan Abela, Christine Borg, Simon Borg, Vittorio Camilleri, Matthew Dalli, Charlene Delceppo, Toni Gialanze, Andre Grima, Kimberly Micallef, Steve Sciberras
Contributing artists, Freelancers

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks